About us

With expertise in graphic design, we are constantly on a mission to seek an ideal design that blends uniqueness and distinct practices to enhance the meaning and value of our creations.


EBBA attempts to push forward the concept of chairs. We rely on our curiosity about art and design to break the boundary and tradition of what a chair should look like. 

Our team is driven to find the answer to the question, “To what extent can we merge the practicality and functionality of design with aesthetic and abstraction of art?”.






Accordingly, all our products are the result of the aspiration to break any traditional expectations of structure and come up with different alternatives of shapes, lines and forms.

We firmly believe that, for creativity, the sky is the limit. EBBA is then a place where opportunity to transcend creatively exists. Here, any possibilities and perspectives to create are possible.

Designing space can say a lot of about one’s passion and identity. — EBBA

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