Discover the new Ebba Series II
Delight your favorite corner


Not only has EBBA created a big buzz among locals, it has travelled across international borders too!

EBBA’s journey started with its debut at THINKK Studio’s “Why do we need another chair?” exhibition and went on to become a Product Honoree of the globally renowned Interior Design Magazine’s BEST OF YEAR Awards.


It has also captured the hearts of MoMa Design Store’s buying team and is now available for New Yorkers to grab. Founded in 1929, MoMa is one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. This is our proudest achievement to date!

Building on this excitement, KAOI would like to introduce you to EBBA Series 2; a collection rooted in our unique design, but with more fun options to give you full freedom to express your one-of-a-kind character. Create fresh colour combinations with a brand new palette including Cast Citrus Yellow, Burt Umber Brown, Milk Cream, Pink Salt, Sea Foam Green, Mandarin Orange, Pacific Teal and Crimson Red. 


This time round, our EBBA was crafted with your indoor home in mind. It effortlessly blends with other interior decorations and at the same time, is a great conversation-starter that’s pleasing to the eye. Subtle, yet never boring.